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REACT PA-50 is an ideal solution for professional microphone installations that require many hours of continuous use
without heating or deformation problems.
Can be used in small or medium-sized microphone installations with 8-16 Ω speakers or in installations using 70-100 V 
It is suitable for shops, offices, gyms, schools, supermarkets, etc., as it is very easy to use, 
while the USB / SD card inputs ensure long hours of music playback.

- Master volume.
- FM tuner.
- Ability to play from USB or memory card.
- Ability to connect 2 microphones (1 with priority).
- Separate volume adjustment for bass and treble.
- Separate volume adjustment for music.
- Remote control capability.


- Power: 60 W.
- Output power (Rms): 30 W.
- Output mode: 8-16 Ω, 70V, 100V.
- Zones: 1.
- 2 AUX in with the possibility of connection with PC, laptop, etc.
- 1 AUX out.
- Connect 2 microphones.
- Microphone sensitivity: <7mV.
- AUX sensitivity: <400mV.
- Signal to noise ratio:> 65dB.
- Frequency response: 80Hz-12KHz.
- Consumption: 45 W.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 244x66x218 cm.


- 1 x Remote control.